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‘How to guide on’ is one of the most requested terms in search engines and so DIYHACKERS are listing the most requested, how to guides, Life hacks and advice from around the web.

Broad subject ranges covered from sports and busines set-ups, to relationships, DIYHACKERS strip away the padding giving core advice expanding the readers knowledge.

How to guide
How to guides

How to, What can, Where to, Can I, Where do

How to start a business, How to get a Girlfriend or Boyfriend, Where to find Gluten free recipes,  can I sound intelligent on a subject quickly.  These are all recent search terms that are meaningful for many people. The reasons for these questions maybe quitting the 9 to 5 job but uncertain on how to start your dream business. Quickly understand the rules of ice hockey you have been invited to. How to ask for a raise or negotiate a salary increase, or the single life has become boring and a partner sounds ideal, counter to that the single life sounds tempting and how to break up a relationship! 

So many questions, so many answers, because of this building such a site is an ongoing process. The layout, for example, will offer professional life hacks used by builders which make their life easier on site.  Search the business site for excel tips tricks and hacks used by accountants and finance stuff speeding up their work.

Ever wondered what you need or how to build your own computer or what business software should you use when starting out?

Save cash on budget, go on holiday cheaply, send a gift with no money. Life hacks and DIY guides on helping achieve all of these.

The answers to my 'How to guide' questions are here?

Maybe not all questions, however, DIYHACKERS are constantly building the how to, and life hacks guide giving more content and so if the answer is not here yet please contact us with your suggestion and based on popularity we will priorotise publishing a Life hack guide!